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About Drip Edge

​Jon Goplerud is the artist behind Drip Edge Furniture. The furniture he creates are inspired by the industrial mills of Lowell, Massachusetts. This unique inspiration, combined with Jon's lifelong passion of working creatively with wood, has resulted in Drip Edge Furniture. 

Many of the metal elements in these pieces have been salvaged from Lowell's since shuttered  textile mills - last active in the 19th century.  Wood is hand selected by Jon and sourced from local lumber yards.

Jon works closely with each client to understand individual needs and constraints in order to create furniture that not only fits the space but enhances the character and personality of the room.

Although Jon spends most of his time working on commissioned projects he strives to promote a love for woodworking in future generations by teaching beginner classes at 'Lowell Makes'.

Jon lives in Lowell, MA with his wife but enjoys visiting his children in Maine and Australia.

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